O'Grady's Outpost - Where Afterburn is Born

O’Grady’s Outpost is a neighbourhood pub located in the South-Keys/Greenboro area of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Since 2008, O’Grady’s Outpost has been a family-friendly pub serving a variety of craft beer on tap, wines and liquors, as well as classic, delicious pub fare and ofcourse, our Oh Geez Afterburn Hot Sauce.

Walled in reclaimed barn wood, O’Grady’s Outpost is an English and Irish pub that resembles an early settler’s trading post. Our fantastic wings have been well-known around Ottawa for years and the brave love them tossed in Afterburn.

O’Grady’s really is a place that you will feel like you are a part of the family. In a time where neighbourhood pubs are slowly being replaced by corporate chains, it’s nice to be part of a place that remains true to the people and community it holds dear.

Come Check Out The Outpost - Birthplace of Afterburn

OH GEEZ AFTERBURN Hot Sauce - by O'Grady's Outpost